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Simple Tips For Rapidshare

Do you have some downloading problems with Rapidshare? When your account was expired, your access for this site locked automatically. How to solve this problem? Its easy Guys, you can reactivated your account and insert Your Paypal for purchasing.. :)
If you dont need this information above, follow this tips.. Ready? Lets Go.
Your account was blocked because Rapidshare system reading your data from date expired and IP Address. So, unlock y
our Rapidshare account with IP Changer tools like Mozilla Add On Switch proxy, IP Shifter etc.
Do you know that most of broadband providers has dynamic ip?
If you dont have proxy tools, use the following tips: Click Start-Run,
type this text and press ENTER:

When the command prompt mode show on: type the following text and press enter after every end of line.

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

If you need change your ip address for future, you should make a batch file for simply execution command.
Creating a Batch file, click Start-Run, type this text and press ENTER: edit

Type following text and press ENTER after the end of lines:

@echo off
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

Save this file with name you like and the extension as bat(.bat): click menu File - Save, type C:\alkatro.bat
click OK then exit this program.a
Now simply execute this file then open your connection, save your money, enjoy the music and Lets dance together. :)

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alkatro com Artikel tentang Simple Tips For Rapidshare ini diedarkan on Wednesday, September 30, 2009.
Cek update info tambahan di kotak komentar, karena kemungkinan topik tentang belajar SEO atau dollar gratis yang saya tulis antara tahun 2009 - 2013 sudah ada yang expired atau tidak relevan di tahun ini. Makasih sudah mampir. :)

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Ramuni said...

edit and reply by Alkatro: maap sob, tadi posting ini ga sengaja kehapus termasuk comment Mr. Ram, jadi ane ketik ulang lagi dari depan; pake modem dial-up apalagi hp malah lebih oke; karena range ipnya lebih dinamis daripada modem standar. runnngnya setelah konek sob, thx :)

gooddell said...

wah mantep tipsnya..its excelent

Ramuni said...

thankyou brother 4 your smile -tumbenlicin Linggisnya- XD

alkatro said...

@gooddell:thanks, guys. your nickname like the logo of chicago bull, are you? :) I'm coming..
@Ramuni : you are welcome; this post just for snapping the search engine, and biar kelihatan agak gaul, no what what kan? :D

maxadrian182 said...

nice info sob!
tp pas masukin perintah /release ama /renew jadi
No operation can be performed on Local Area Connection while it has its media di
hahaha, kynya itu utk minta ip baru pada jaringan LAN dh :D
gatau jg lah pokonya, hehe

alkatro said...

@maxadrian182: mungkin koneksi ente lg down waktu connection sob.. tp masih ada jalan lain ke roma kan ..hehe thx :)

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Damai di hati - Damai di bumi. Thanks sudah mampir. :)

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