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My Old Town Landscape

I was born at small village in Kebumen, Where is it? My village is part of Central Java, 25 km in east Karangsambung - the old town with exotic landscape, like reef cave, giant andesit, millions of swallow and many unexpected archeology mystery.
From geology facet, that rock is unique, bizzare, and draw. For example, some rock which in fact represent bedrock great, in this area appear on surface.
There is taking away from rijang stone at Muncar River in Seboro Village, District of Karangsambung. Stone, which old age around 81 million year, represent bedrock great that usually found in deepness 4.000 meters under sea surface.
There is also mica skis stone from Brengkok River representing eldest rock in Java, around 120 million year, effect of Plate Indo-Australia collision process with Asian Plate This two-plate collision process still take place up to now, like some times then generate tsunami wave and earthquake around area in Indonesia Ocean.
If not yet satisfied to recognize earth from its compiler stones example in Kebumian Museum, you can see in around Karangsambung geology area. Only, to this insufficient one-day and need extra energy cause has to bank fluctuate, getting through rice field and river.

Another tourism place in Kebumen is Jatijajar Cave, Located 21 Km southwest District of Gombong, or 42 Km southwest from Kebumen town. Legend in cave depict Raden Kamandaka legend or Legend of Lutung Kasarung. Cave width 250 meters, Road to this place have made transportation available,lodging and representative restaurant. In this Jatijajar Cave area, also there are some other cave, like Diamond Cave and available Dempok Cave and also Monkey Island and garden. Dinosaur Idol which likely vomit water in this location in fact represent estuary from wellspring from within Jatijajar cave which no have desisted although dry season.
Jatijajar Cave equipped by beautiful garden provided with garden play. This garden called Monkey Island, because in this garden there are a lot of monkey idol. In spandrel trap Jatijajar Cave found hole among stalagmites, so that when sunlight enter seen very beautiful. Jatijajar Cave represent evidence from Kamandaka Legend (Lutung Kasarung), where this story implicitly story through idol exist in Jatijajar Cave. In Jatijajar cave, there are wellsprings which it people say will make ageless to cleaning face over there. Wish evidence, visit and try.. :)

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munir ardi said...

cantiknya kampung anda alkatro kapan ya bisa kesana

yokoz said...

woi kang, njnengan sekang kebumen toh..
pengin jane loh dolan mring jati jajar, kayan kayane siki wis tambah apik.

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